EmmaLily Vineyards
  2009 Madeline
2009 Madeline

Wine Maker notes

Harvest Date: October 9th, 2009
Brix: 25.1
Acid: 0.61
PH: 3.34
Quantity: 2.6 Tons

We purchased fruit within our Morgan Hill area to create this 100 case, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon small lot.

Using three different yeasts in separate fermentation bins during fermentation. Each of the yeast focus on enhancing the fruit, complexity and finish. Each bin is put into separate barrels keeping the flavors distinct. Three of the barrels are free run and yeast specific. The fourth barrel is the combined pressed must from the three bins. We combine the barrels just prior to bottling at the end of aging. This allows us to produce brilliant deep color, fresh and rich beginning highlighting the fruit, layered and full bodied middle and big round finish that continues showing the complexity long after the wine is gone.